Eudropgene T., Lakewood, COtestimonials-3

Results: Louis’s practice of under promising and over delivering came through beautifully when we found twice as much water at 40 feet less depth than we had thought. Thank you AWWS.”

dropRicky H.,Big Lake, TX

Results: Spot on, for both drilling depth and water yield.  

drop   Don and Vicky Klett

Results: Hit water at 100 feet to 200 + (stopped to case) …very happy.testimonials-1

REVIEW: “We had a well drying up which we used to water our cattle. A driller recommended we call AWWS to do a survey. The AWWS report showed that the current aquifer was inadequate. AWWS went on to do another survey and found a strong water source for us. The driller hit that depth where AWWS had reported there was water and at the GPM the report stated. I am very happy with AWWS.”

drop John Newman

Results: Hit water at slightly less than the reported, predicted depth, 3GPM

REVIEW: “We had been hauling water to our property for quite some time. Previous local comments and drillers indicated that we wouldn’t be able to find water on our property. AWWS did its underground EKS survey and found indications of an aquifer. With that report, we drilled, found good water and are totally pleased with the results. My wife and I have all the good water we need, thanks to AWWS.”

drop Jack Provow

Results: Chose not to drill and thanked us for saving him $$ on drilling.testimonials-2

REVIEW: “We called AWWS and spoke with Louis Day. We asked him to come out to our recently acquired property in Blanca, Colorado to help us locate underground water for a well. We were told by others there was water there. However, the AWWS survey showed there to be no water source for a well. I’m thankful Louis saved us thousands of dollars in drilling costs which we will use for construction costs instead.”

drop Mike Moore and Co., General Contractor

Results: Found two adequate water sources.

REVIEW: “Louis Day with Accurate Water Well Sourcing (AWWS) was recommended to us by a driller to help us find two adequate water sources for a client of mine. The EKS survey he conducted found both of those sources with more than adequate water needed for our client. We can highly recommend Accurate Well Water Sourcing to others who are seeking to find underground water sources.”