Why a Water Survey?

COST EFFICIENCY – Is it Cost Effective?whyuseus-1

If you talk to people who have had “dry holes” drilled, they understand the investment of a survey is cost effective! With today’s drilling rates ranging from $30 to $75 per foot, drilling without a water survey becomes expensive. Most people will spend from $5,000 to $15,000 drilling for a well with no guarantee of a successful well. Wouldn’t you be willing to spend a fraction of that for the scientific guidance of a water survey using seismoelectric technology?



SEEING UNDERGROUND – Finding the best place to drillwhyuseus-2

Drillers can refer to a state well log and use their experience in an area they are familiar with. However, they cannot see underground.  Our seismoelectric technology allows us to “see” underground and produces an underground water survey. This information can guide both you and the driller to the best place to drill, saving you drilling expenses and locating the area producing the most water flow.

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LOCATION – Finding the best source of waterwhyuseus-3

With our EKS GF6 survey, we locate stronger sources of water or sources of water shallower than others. Drilling costs may be reduced with the information we provide because the survey directs the driller to the most productive drill area.




WATER SURVEYING – The science of finding water

Imagine an oil company using their research funds for “witching” instead of science to find their source. They rely on scientific data, saving them time and money.  Wouldn’t you rather invest your money to drill for water based on the same rational and scientific basis? Despite “Dowsers” and “Water Witches” claims, no studies have shown their ability to detect underground water.  According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS):

“Case histories and demonstrations of dowsers may seem convincing, but when dowsing is exposed to scientific examination, it presents a very different picture. The natural explanation of “successful” water dowsing is that in many areas underground water is so prevalent close to the land surface that it would be hard to drill a well and not find water. In a region of adequate rainfall and favorable geology, it is difficult not to drill and find water!”

“Some water exists under the Earth’s surface almost everywhere. This explains why many dowsers appear to be successful. To locate ground water accurately, however, as to depth, quantity, and quality, a number of techniques must be used . Hydrologic, geologic, and geophysical knowledge is needed to determine the depths and extent of the different water-bearing strata and the quantity and quality of water found in each . The area must be thoroughly tested and studied to determine these facts.”


ACCURATE WELL WATER SOURCING – Based on integritywhyuseus-4

The owners of Accurate Well Water Sourcing, Louis and Eileen Day, bought the company after they saw the effectiveness of an EKS 3000 survey when drilling for a water well on their property. We believe in our product and services and strive to maintain the highest ethics in the performance of our services.

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