Is Water “blue gold”?

According to a 2013 article in the World Affairs Journal, “more than a fifth of the inhabitants of this planet do not have easy access to potable water.” While that doesn’t affect most of us in the United States, it does give a hint as to how extremely important clean water is. In a world where water has been called “blue gold”, where water tables change, drop, and occasionally all but disappear, we can help. In our work locating underground water sources, we have often seen wells that have gone dry because of these changes. We use the latest scientific technology to help you know the best place to drill, or possibly, to decide not to drill. Having potable water for your home, or irrigation for your land is crucially important. Accurate Well Water Sourcing is available now to help you know where and how deep to drill.

Happy New Year!

We are a couple of weeks into January, but still the New Year! Thanks to our many clients, we at Accurate Well Water Sourcing had an amazing year last year. Locating underground water for homeowners and small businesses frequently took us outside our home state of Colorado and into Arizona, Utah, Nevada and even Hawaii! We are planning for 2017 and working to improve and expand our services with the hiring of additional teams to serve clients better so that you, the property owner, can be much more educated about where the best place to drill a well is. Often we get calls from land owners who have already drilled dry holes and they need information now about the best place to drill. Our goal is to be available as quickly as we can to help each client know where to drill, as well as how deep to drill, saving them time and money.